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Mom and Baby Squirrel

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Seems mom wasn't the only one wondering what I was doing with my new camera, the Fed Ex man had just delivered my new lenses and I walked out back and took this picture in about two minutes. This all started out as I was going to try and make a few squirrel houses to hang around my yard, I had found a site that told how to make a squirrel house, you will find the site on my links page. After studying the design for some time, it sure didn't look very water proof. I tried different ways to form the squirrel house and what you see in these pictures is what I came up with. I made a dozen or so squirrel houses and hung them up, my neighbors were sure puzzled when they saw them hanging in the trees. They couldn't understand how I managed to hang them up so high; it sure is neat to puzzle people, if you know what I mean. When you know how to do something and they don't, that's when you get to smile. We have this squirrel house hanging way up there in a tree, right where the squirrels love them and there is no way we could have used a ladder to put it up, try that with a wooden squirrel house. Sorry, I chuckled for a second. After showing them how you can just use a rope they thought it was pretty neat, and they said I bet you can sell them.

Realizing how many different tools were needed to make this squirrel house and after watching the results of how many squirrels actually use these houses, I decided to open a site and sell them.

We are located in Illinois near St. Louis, Missouri. If you managed to read this far, I would like to say Thank You, Thank You for your time and I look forward to doing business with you.

Recycled rubber is tough, but that is a good thing, because that means we have a squirrel house made to last, complete with a stainless steel tubing hook and we have a squirrel house that in most cases will out last your lifetime.
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