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Squirrel House In a Tree


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I have seen many articles about building wooden squirrel houses, the problem as I see it, wood rots and squirrels have teeth and they like to chew. A squirrel house made from recycled rubber will be hanging around for many years to come, it won't leak or rot, and a squirrel house made from recycled rubber is going to be pretty tough to chew. So a rubber squirrel house is kind of like a done deal, well at least as long as the tree is still standing. These squirrel houses can be hung while standing on the ground. You can hang them way up high or on a lower branch if you like it doesn't really matter. A good place to hang them is where you can get the enjoyment of watching the squirrels use them. Yup the squirrels love them, I see them sitting on top, sitting inside looking out, and going in and out of them. It isn't to long after I hang one up and another squirrel finds their new home.

  paypal seal photo of squirrel house in a tree photo of squirrel house in a tree
watching your bushytailed friends play in the trees and chase each other around

Too cute
photo of squirrel house in a tree photo of squirrel house in a tree

This "Squirrel House" is a great addition to a Park, allowing visitors the chance to view wildlife and giving the squirrels a place to live and raise their young.

If you like "Squirrels" you are going to love this "Squirrel House", I hope as much as the Squirrels do!

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