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Hi John
   This morning I watched as 4 squirrels came out of the house to eat peanuts! I was so thrilled. We had our first snow fall yesterday and the trees are covered in thick ice. I can see the house moving sometimes as I guess they are jockeying for position inside. The sun is shining right on it now and I'm sure the black is absorbing the heat. I am so pleased.
Thank you for the great creation.
Take care.

Pam Wilson
Ontario, Canada

Hi John
    I will wait till I get the house, let her have it, get used to it then release her. I was just so excited when I saw the house online because that very day I had been trying to figure out how to give her plenty of safe shelter. It just looks so perfect. I believe it will be worth the wait, Thank you for making such wonderful little houses for our furry friends.
Wednesday, September 06, 2006
    I got the squirrel house today and put it in her cage. Within just a few minutes she was in it and settling down for the night. I will release her this weekend in a tree in the backyard. Thank you again for sending the house so quickly.
Saturday, September 9, 2006
    Well today was the big day. As of 7AM Peanut (that is her name) is in a med sized oak tree in the back yard. She explored the tree for awhile then climbed in her house and has been there ever since. I hadn't seen her in awhile so I went outside said her name and she poked her head out. She looks so comfortable in there. I hung a feeder a couple of branches beneath the house and also hung her water bottle. I just hope she will learn to hunt for some food and water on her own as she has never had to.
   By the way, while the house was in the cage whenever I came near she would growl and chirp as if to say. Go away this is my house! Peanut loves her new house. She goes exploring all day but returns to her house every night to sleep.

Linda Manning
West Frankfort, Illinois

Dear John
   Thank you so much for the extraordinarily prompt delivery today of my squirrel house. My squirrel is currently sitting on top of it, munching on the corn, and generally exploring around it.
   I am rehabilitating a squirrel, but have not had weather-proof protection for him outside so have had to bring him inside whenever it rains. I have a large cage outside for him now around a small tree, which is where I just put the house but Max is releasable soon and as close as weve become over these last six weeks or so I hope hell stick around! I hope to put your house on my back porch, so hell remain our friend If it doesnt work, we can put it up in a tree but Im hoping hell like being near the house and us. Weve had him since before his eyes were opened and he and I play every day. Hes just so dear.
   Ive been watching outside my window, at his big cage, and the corn on the roof was brilliant!! He first enjoyed that, then scouted around a bit, then went into the house and hes headed into it for his second time already. Im just so thrilled, John. THANK YOU! Now hes chewing on the bottom.
Thanks, John!
Take care,

Barbara Watson
South Carolina USA

This is an ingenious squirrel house. As you mention, making it out of wood just gives the squirrels something to chew on and ensures that it be replaced after several years. Yours should last a lifetime, which is bad for sales but good to keep satisfied customers.
John Drynan
Boise, Idaho USA

The squirrel house is wonderful...except now the squirrels are fighting over it...am sending for a new one today!! Wonderful product!!
Connie Falk
Lorain, Ohio USA

Hi, This is my sixth squirrel house I have bought from you. They are of great design and durability. My squirrels and I would like to commend you on your great work!
Sincerely, Mike Mayer
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

I love your site and hope to order a squirrel house soon. I rehab baby squirrels for release. A friend who also is a rehabber told me about your site.
Lynn Barker
Pinellas Park, FL USA

Here is my reasons for buying this great squirrel house.
This looks to be a well thought out idea. I stumbled across the site while looking for plans on what size to make a squirrel house entry hole. I was going to build it out of some scrap wood I have lying around. I own and operate a concrete ready mix company here in Sacramento, and know a good design when I see one. After looking at your design I came to the conclusion I can build two of these things from one tire save $92.80 AND, do it in my sleep. I'm a diesel technician by trade, power tools and fabrications are right up my alley. Well let me tell you when it comes to building a squirrel house out of an old tire think again. It's not as easy as you think, nor will you save any money in fact that is just the opposite. First I should start by asking you how much is your time worth? We charge a standby rate of $1.75 per minute after the allotted time that a concrete truck is on a job site. OK its 3:00 PM this job should only take me an hour. So I head out to go get an old tire from the local tire shop, ("Fuel used $0.50"). Now I start to cut the tire in half using a Dewalt Sawzall with a metal cutting blade, to get through the tire beads and steel belting in the tread. ("3 Sawzall blades from a package of 5, $3.18"). Now that the tire is cut in half and I realize that I need to cut the other side to make it into two pieces, so I can build two squirrel houses. OK, lets try something bigger, better.. :) Ah Ha a grinder with a cut off wheel that should do the trick. Get through the first bead and side wall then here comes the Boss :( my wife :- o ("Time spent explaining the burning rubber smell lofting through the house via the garage 30 minutes") Now I need a new cut off wheel, ("new cut off wheel $1.89") the tire is a little bit harder to get through than anticipated. Looks like I have the upper hand. Now back to work. Get the lousy tire cut in to two halves cut the door flaps in the first half. Now I'm on a role! Replace the cut wheel.("another cut off wheel $1.89") Get ready to start on the second set of door flaps, hear a fire truck way out in the distance, think nothing of it. Start on the next set of flaps, hear the fire engine getting closer. OK, now it has my curiosity. Why is there a fire truck in the neighbor hood? Does some one have a chimney fire? The fire truck stops 2 houses down from mine. I hope there OK. I don't see any smoke SO back too it. Start cutting the last two door flaps when I sense something is changing. Looking back over my shoulder I see 2 firemen walking down the street and the truck following them. YEP,, you guessed it, they stopped in front of my house.... Here comes the Boss :( again. I can't tell you if it is a bad thing that the fellows at local fire house know me by my first name, but any way. ("Time spent explaining the burning rubber smell and smoke to them AND the neighbors on what I'm doing, this time, another 30 minutes"). Finally I have the first one ready to drill and bolt together. Now for those of you that plan to do this yourself you will need a special rubber hole cutter you can get them from your local rubber supply house for around $7.00 to $30.00 depending on the size you need. ("hole saw $7.00") Well I start to bolt the sides together and come to realize just what time it is, its coming up on 8:15PM and I don't have the hook bent and I still need to make the cute little door stay open and build the pipe for the rope. That's It, I give... I place the 3 saw blades the 2 worn out cut off wheels and the 2 tire halves in the trash can and place them on the street for tomorrow's pick up. I get up in the morning go outside and the tire halves are sitting on top of the can with a note from the trash man telling me they don't take tires. AAAAAHHHHH That would be another $7.00 to take the tire back to the tire shop. So to sum it up I spent $14.46 in tools $1.20 in bolts and 5 hours and 15 minutes in labor for a grand total of $566.91 to try and save 40 bucks on a dam squirrel house. IT AIN'T WORTH IT. Spend the money, buy the house, keep everyone happy including yourself. And I can speak from experience... THE END

Martin Rogers
Sacramento, CA USA

Just wanted to say hi, and good work on these awesome squirrel houses.
Bill Tammen
Troy, IL USA

Imitation, the sincerest form of flattery, I love it. Now if you can just get a webcam inside one of them tires....
Austin, Tx USA

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