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knowing your helping solve the used tire nightmare and providing a unique house for your friends

PS not to often can we kill two birds with one stone

Sept. 8,2007
The tire houses got all the way to the East End of Long Island very quickly. They are getting a huge thumbs up from our rehabilitated bumper crop of autumn baby squirrels. I put a tire house in a cage today so they could get used to it. Within twelve hours, all five had moved from their very nice white pine squirrel house and into the tire. So I just ordered two more. How ingenious! We are using them for soft release habitats and are very optimistic. Thanks for your hard work and excellent service.
Penny Moser,
Sag Harbor, NY

Imagine living at the top of a tree in a nest you built with just sticks and leaves, with no hammer or nails to fasten it to a branch. Then the winter wind howls and the freezing rain starts coming down, I mean I get cold outside with a thick coat and hat on, and I am not way up there where the wind has not much to slow it down. Squirrels do a pretty good job of building a nest without the use of any tools, they cut branches with their teeth and weave them together, using the leaves as shingles to help keep out the rain. Since there are fewer and fewer hollow trees, the result from clearing land, squirrels are forced to build a leaf nest. Leaf nest do not provide squirrels the protection from their enemies, Raccoons, Hawks, Owls that a man-made squirrel house can. Squirrel houses made from recycled rubber can help provide them with the protection they need, a Hawk or Owl can't get inside and a Raccoon will find it a lot harder to raid a house with a small opening not to mention the fact it is hanging under a branch with a flap above the entrance.

The young baby squirrels will stay protected and dry because the design of our squirrel house repels the rain, but just in case some moisture would get inside, there is a drain provided at the bottom. Since the baby squirrels will have to crawl up to get out of the house, there will be far fewer baby squirrels falling from this squirrel house than a leaf nest. This explains why a mother squirrel will often move her young into our squirrel house not long after it is hung. Squirrels are smart, just look at how many people are frustrated with their bird feeders being raided, which bring one to realize, want to attract squirrels, just feed the birds and the squirrels will come. Why would a squirrel get into someone's attic? Simply, they are looking for a dry place to nest out of the wind and rain.

I know the Great Architect sure knew what He was doing when He made squirrels but I guess I have a soft heart. So here we go, off to build a squirrel house.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask. We would enjoy hearing from you.
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